Luxury Boarding for Cats

We know that "cats only" is the way to make your cat's stay as pleasant as possible. We do not board dogs or other animals. We insist that all cats are up to date on all veterinary care before we accept a client. We will verify your cat's vaccines by telephone to expedite your reservations.  We are within 5 minutes of the area's finest emergency veterinary facility if the need arises. We never hesitate to seek veterinary care in an emergency.  A release must be signed prior to boarding.  We have several 24 hour "on call" veterinarians and a veterinarian visits our facility on a regular basis at no extra charge to you.

Kitty City receives regular referrals from area veterinarians and is proud of these recommendations as well as the recommendations we receive from our clients. We invite you to call us for names and telephone numbers of referring veterinarians or clients.

We are dedicated to providing the same love and care for your cat as you do! You will not find a more knowledgeable and caring staff anywhere! In addition to providing luxury boarding services for cats only, we include the regular use of our indoor playground where your cat receives one-on-one attention from our many volunteers & staff, time permitting and if your cat is receptive. Kisses, petting, holding, combing, nail trimming as well as our daily itinerary of playtime and catnip parties are of course included in our regular charge, along with treats twice daily.

Kitty Condos:

Individual condos are furnished with children's size tables, beds, blankets, toys, food, bottled or tap water, and a litter box. Relaxing music is provided at various times of the day to give your cat the sounds of being at home to help them feel more comfortable!


We serve a premium cat food or your food if you desire not to have your cats diet changed. We recommend that if your cat is

nervous or has a sensitive stomach or food allergies that you bring your cat's food with you. If you cat is on a wet food or prescription wet and/or dry food you MUST provide their food while boarding.  We will feed according to your instructions


We often care for cats that have special dietary, medical and other needs and welcome the opportunity to apply our special care abilities to your cat. This care includes pregnant cats, kittens, diabetic cats, elderly cats, and cats with cancer or in kidney failure. You must bring the medication with you, along with written instructions. Read more ->

Josephine Williams - Owner

Rosie - Animal Caretaker

Kimberly - Animal Caretaker / Veterinary Assistant

Taylor - Animal Caretaker